Hawaii Ashram & Retreat

These are some photographs of our retreat in Hawaii.
You can help us to build our Ashram by donating funds.
That is Lori in the photos, walking the property line. And so our journey unfolds.........

........... plans for the Hawaii ashram move ahead: Micheal and Christina will be flying over to big island this month to begin setting up our first building, water system, and just generally giving the property a clean up and settle in to what we hope will be a spiritual retreat for us in the years to come. Pictures to come later!

Blessings on all of you who helped to make this happen. May you be watched over by our heavenly father and your hearts be full of love. May the light and love of our guruji shine upon you, no matter what moon you gaze upon.

Om mani Padme Hum.......... ..............Shanti

The following work in progress requires a couple of plugins for proper viewing. We like the Cortona VRML plugin in combination with GeoVRML.

Yes, there is much to do to this model still. We hope to soon include detailed views of our retreat (plans too.)

Angels All Around You!