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More than ever we need your donations to survive and continue our mission. Reverend Lee will soon be releasing a CD of song to help raise money.
Rollin' On The Hiway
Heart Full Of Grace

On our books page you will find a variety of interesting texts such as Yogananda's "The Law Of Success"

the New King James "Holy Bible" well as several items with our mission's logo through CafePress. We pray that you will help by donating directly or through your purchase of some of the items.

Visit our books page to find several other enlightening and thought provoking works. You purchase of will help our mission.

Our mission is in grave and immediate peril!

Remember this picture? We do.
It humbles us, and serves as an inspiration.
A modern David, and without a sling.
He confronts far more than a Goliath.
Stand and be counted!

Your prayers and support are needed.

On Thursday, May 29 2003 In violation of Washington State laws, our church was defiled by the VNET (Valley Narcotics Enforcement Team) and our blessed holy sacrament seized.

Lori, wife of Reverend Lee, was arrested and handcuffed (which resulted in damaging her wrist just newly repaired from surgery. She has now lost all feeling in her thumb as a result of the uncaring and rough treatment she received at the hands of these misguided servants of society.) There are on going expenses for both Lori's up coming surgery and Rev. Lee's recent open heart surgery.

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Read more about our peril and what is written in The Holy Bible...

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Rev. Lee and Mrs Phillips
Dancing at their wedding.

Reverend Lee would love to bless your union too.
Call: (253) 951-8534
Have your wedding ceremony performed by Reverend Lee.
And begin your sacred union with angels all around you.

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