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DRCNet Online Library Main Page - Frames
Raid nets church's 'sacramental' marijuana
church of Jesus Sacrament
Marihemp Market Place Thread #83806
Cult News
World Smoking Church Leader Defends Marijuana Use
Marijuana and the Bible
Cannabis in the Bible
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The Kubby files
Source: Steve Kubby
State: CA, Country: United States
Ongoing coverage of former California Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Steve Kubby's battle with officialdom over the use of marijuana for medical purposes by he and his wife. (10/23/99) Peter McWilliams, 1950-2000
Source: Free-Market.Net, LP, Laissez Faire Books, etc.
Country: United States
Peter McWilliams was a hero, who died a casualty in the war on drugs. "Please take a moment and sign this page, even if you never heard the name of the man behind the good deeds until after his passing. Simply help us say 'this one man will not be forgotten.'"

NORML statement on the medical use of marijuana
Source: NORML
Country: United States
This page, along with the Statement, contains multiple links to resources, recent state initiative efforts and suggestions for activists.

The 420 Lounge
Source: 420 Lounge
Country: United States
Handy tutorials on the cultivation and consumption of marijuana.
Source: Dr. Lester Grinspoon and James Bakalar
Country: United States
Site dedicating to studying the medicinal uses of marijuana.

Source: Chris Kenoyer
Country: United States
Everything you ever wanted to know, but were afraid to ask, about medical marijuana.

Hemp Products web site
Source: Hemp-Products.Org
City: Long Beach, State: CA, Country: United States
Hemp products, news, opinions, forums, action opportunities all available at this nifty site.

Medical marijuana updates
Source: CSDP
Country: United States
Common Sense for Drug Policy compilation of news and updates on medical marijuana issues.

Rating the presidential candidates on medical marijuana
Source: MPP
Country: United States
New site promising to rate all the presidential candidates on their stands regarding medical marijuana use and legislation. Voter guide, action opportunities, and more to come.

Medical marijuana raids database
Source: MPP
Country: United States
Summary of cases in which the DEA has targeted individuals who grow and/or use marijuana for medical purposes.

Introductions and FAQs
U.S. prosecutes cancer patient over marijuana
Source: Boston Globe
Country: United States
Background on Peter McWilliams' ordeal in federal court. (10/23/99)

Medicinal Marijuana Briefing Paper - 1999
Source: Marijuana Policy Project
Country: United States
A helpful synopsis of the current state of knowledge about marijuana's utility and its current legal status. (1999)

Los Angeles drug case bars medical marijuana defense
Source: New York Times
State: CA, Country: United States
The medical marijuana prosecution of Peter McWilliams and Todd McCormick raises the issue of federal prosecution of activities that states have specifically tried to legalize. (11/29/99)

What is the importance of medical marijuana?
Source: DrugSense
Country: United States
A helpful overview of the utility of marijuana for medical purposes and the popular movement to loosen restrictions.

The DEA wishes me a nice day
Source: Liberty
Author: Peter McWilliams
Country: United States
The late Peter McWilliams outlines the events that led up to his encounter with the DEA, and his subsequent ordeal. (1998)

Peter McWilliams backed medical use of marijuana
Source: MAP/Los Angeles Times
State: CA, Country: United States
"Peter McWilliams, a best-selling author who advocated the medicinal use of marijuana, died Wednesday at his Laurel Canyon home after a long battle with AIDS and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma." (6/17/00)

Medical marijuana referenda: their implications for federalism
Source: Cato Institute
Author: Roger Pilon
Country: United States
Federal attempts to choke off state-level medical marijuana ballot initiatives threaten federalism and expand Washington's power beyond its legitimate limits. (1997)

The secret garden
Source: Metro Active
Author: George Sakkestad and Jean Hanamoto
State: CA, Country: United States
"This garden of Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica and Cannabis hybrids hidden in the Santa Cruz Mountains has spared many hours of suffering for patients struggling with cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma and a host of other painful -- sometimes terminal -- diseases." (03/02)

Scholarly and In-Depth Studies
Marijuana as medicine - A plea for reconsideration
Source: NORML/Journal of the American Medical Association
Country: United States
In this piece written for JAMA, Lester Grinspoon, MD and James B. Bakalar, JD call for a reconsideration of marijuana's medical value. (6/95)

Amelioration of cancer chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting by Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol
Source: The Lindesmith Center/The Medical Journal of Australia
Country: United States
The THC in marijuana is found to be an effective treatment for the nausea caused by cancer chemotherapy. (1979)

Therapeutic potential and medical uses of marijuana
Source: The Lindesmith Center/The Journal of Psychoactive Drugs
Country: United States
A survey of ten possible medical applications for marijuana. (1991)

Marijuana as antiemetic medicine: A survey of oncologists' experiences and attitudes
Source: The Lindesmith Center/Journal of Clinical Oncology
Country: United States
This survey of members of the American Society of Clinical Oncology found that more than 44% of the respondents had recommended the illegal use of marijuana for the control of nausea to at least one cancer chemotherapy patient. (1991)

Cannabis for migraine treatment: The once and future prescription?
Source: Ethan Russo, M.D.
Country: United States
One of marijuana's best documented medical uses is as a treatment for migraine headaches; the author believes that its continues use in this role should be investigated. (1998)

Research Findings on Medicinal Properties of Marijuana
Source: The Lindesmith Center
Country: United States
A good overview of the current understanding of the medical value of marijuana. (10/23/99)

Research findings on medicinal properties of marijuana
Source: CSDP
Country: United States
A review of research in to the medicinal qualities of marijuana. (1996)

Audio and Video
Peter McWilliams and medical marijuana
Source: ABC's 20/20
Author: John Stossel
State: CA, Country: United States
John Stossel reviews the tragic case of Peter McWilliams, an author and AIDS patient persecuted by authorities because he uses grass as medicine. Text story and video. (RealPlayer) (6/13/00)

The law and politics of medical marijuana
Source: The Cato Institute
Country: United States
At this Cato event Alan Block and Kevin Zeese discussed the law and politics of medical marijuana. It can be viewed with RealPlayer. (03/27/01)

Video: pot refugees
Source: Canadian Broadcasting Co
Country: Canada
"In the 60's, thousands of U.S. draft dodgers came to Canada, fleeing forced service in Vietnam. Now there's another group of Americans seeking sanctuary here, though they're dodging a different kind of war: the war on drugs." (03/26/02)

Contests and Scholarships
Marijuana Policy Project seeks video grant proposals
Source: MPP
City: Washington, State: DC, Country: United States
The grants program administered by the Marijuana Policy Project is seeking proposals from experienced video producers to create a customizable medical marijuana lobbying video, aimed at state legislators and the media. (08/28/02)

News Reports
Medical marijuana trials approved in Australia
Source: Sydney Morning Herald
State: NSW, Country: Australia
"Legalised cannabis will be prescribed to people suffering from chronic pain or wasting illnesses under a four-year trial to be run by the [New South Wales] Health Department." (5/21/03)

Maryland gets medical marijuana law
Source: Washington Post
State: MD, Country: United States
"Maryland Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. yesterday became the nation's first Republican governor to sign into law a measure that relaxes criminal punishment for seriously ill people who use marijuana to relieve pain and other symptoms." (5/23/03)

Anti-medical marijuana bill dies
Source: Washington Times
Country: United States
"A House bill that would provide public funding for ad campaigns to fight medicinal-marijuana initiatives has been turned back because of language that could allow ads to become partisan attacks." (5/27/03)

Democratic presidential candidate endorses medical marijuana
Source: Marion Star
Country: United States
"Democratic candidate Dennis Kucinich said Thursday that if elected president, he would issue an executive order legalizing the use of medical marijuana 'as an act of compassion and expression of humanity'." (5/30/03)

Rosenthal sentenced; MMJ advocates declare victory
Source: San Francisco Chronicle
State: CA, Country: United States
"In a dramatic blow to the federal government's campaign against medical marijuana, a federal judge spared [medical marijuana] ... advocate Ed Rosenthal from a prison sentence Wednesday for his conviction on cultivation charges ..." (6/5/03)

Oregon MMJ leader convicted of drug charges
Source: KATU
City: Salem, State: OR, Country: United States
"The founder of a Salem resource center for medical marijuana patients was convicted .... of possession, distribution and manufacture of marijuana." He will likely receive jail time at his sentencing, scheduled for August. (6/9/03)

Maryland MMJ users skeptical of new law
Source: Daily Times
State: MD, Country: United States
Maryland has recently relaxed marijuana possession laws largely to benefit medical marijuana users. But many fear that the action is a ploy to trap users and the dealers who provide MMJ. (6/15/03)

Santa Cruz sues feds over medical marijuana raids
Source: NBC11
City: Santa Cruz, State: CA, Country: United States
"The city and county of Santa Cruz and the Wo/men's Alliance for Medical Marijuana are asking a federal judge for an injunction to stop the federal government from raiding medical marijuana clubs. A federal judge ... indicated that he wanted to find a way to allow terminally ill patients to grow their own marijuana but did not think it would be possible under current federal law." (7/7/03)

Ottawa's health dept. to sell medical marijuana
Source: Toronto Star
City: Ottawa, State: ON, Country: Canada
"Under an interim policy announced today, the government will sell bags of marijuana seeds and dried marijuana to sick patients who qualify under Ottawa's medical pot program." The policy, already under attack, isn't expected to stand for long. (7/10/03)

Action Opportunities
Postcards for Todd McCormick
Source: Free-Market.Net
Country: United States
Help brighten the day of a Prisoner of the War on Drugs -- while also letting his jailers know that he is supported and that their actions are being watched.

FAX Congress
Source: NORML
Country: United States
NORML urges an ongoing effort to pressure Congress to repudiate the DEA's continuing drug war on Americans -- in spite of the consistent trend of states legalizing medical marijuana use and production -- and provides a handy form to facilitate the process.

Petition: pardon Todd McCormick
Source: Petition-Them.Com
Country: United States
An online petition requesting that the outgoing or incoming president pardon medical marijuana prisoner Todd McCormick.

Netstrike the DEA
Source: League of American Marijuan Patients & Supporters
Country: United States
Expressing displeasure with the DEA ... by paying them a virtual "visit."

Petition: Pardon medical marijuana patient Bryan Epis
Source: Americans for Safe Access
Country: United States
Sign online petition to President Bush to pardon MMJ user Bryan Epis, convicted in July 2002 for conspiracy to grow 1000 plants of medical cannabis for the Chico Medical Marijuana Caregivers.

Defund the DEA
Source: MPP
City: Washington, State: DC, Country: United States
Choose among four pre-written letters to send your Congresspeople, supporting an amendment preventing the DEA from spending your tax dollars to fund the DEA's commando-style attacks on medical marijuana facilities in states that have adopted progressive medical marijuana laws. (09/19/02)

Letters in support of medical marijuana bill
Source: MPP
Country: United States
Select and customize letters to fax to U.S. representatives, urging them to cosponsor the Patients' and Providers' Truth in Trials Act.

Don't confirm the medical marijuana raids
Source: MPP
Country: United States
Choose from among 7 letters, which you can further customize if you wish, voicing your disapproval of the DEA's cruel targeting of medical marijuana patients. A fax will be sent from the site to the state senators you select.

Magazines and Periodic Columns
Medical Marijuana
Source: Peter McWilliams
Country: United States
The online publication of writer and marijuana legalization activist Peter McWilliams. It includes news and commentary on the medical marijuana movement.

Marijuana Policy Report
Source: MPP
City: Washington, State: DC, Country: United States
The Marijuana Policy Project's quarterly online newsletter is available through this page, including archives of previous issues. (08/28/02)

Institutes, Organizations, and Clubs
215 Now!
Source: Libertarian Party of California
State: CA, Country: United States
Full information on California's Prop 215, which legalized the medical use of marijuana. (10/23/99)

Medical Marijuana Referral Service
Source: Medical Mary
City: Redding, State: CA, Country: United States
A new doctor-patient referral service, for use in states that now allow medical marijuana.

Coloradans for Medical Rights
Source: CMR
City: Denver, State: CO, Country: United States
This organization spearheaded a Colorado initiative to allow the medical use of marijuana. Hopefully, it will stay active to see the measure enforced better than it has been in other states with similar laws.

Alliance for Reform of Drug Policy in Arkansas, Inc.
Source: ARDPArk
State: AR, Country: United States
Organization sponsoring a medical marijuana initiative in Arkansas. Find out more about getting involved.

UK Medicinal Cannabis Project
Source: UK Medicinal Cannabis Project
City: Salisbury, Country: United Kingdom
"The Project is a group of organisations and individuals committed to the development of non-smoked prescription cannabis-based medicines for treating a wide variety of conditions with a view to making these medicines available to patients as soon as possible."

Christians for cannabis
Source: Christians for Cannabis
Country: United States
Medical marijuana from a Christian perspective. Links, articles, news stories, newsletter.

Compassionate Use Act physicans and patients referral service
Source: Medical Mary and friends
City: Redding, State: CA, Country: United States
Referral service to aid one in finding an understanding doctor for a medical marijuana recommendation in those U.S. states that allow for compassionate use.

Americans for Safe Access
Source: Americans for Safe Access
Country: United States
Americans for Safe Access (ASA) is an aggressive media and grassroots campaign designed to force Attorney General Ashcroft and the Bush Administration to back off its anti-medical marijuana campaign and to grant states the right to choose and govern medical marijuana laws. Take the "pledge of resistence" and help build this nationwide network.

Marijuana Policy Project
Source: MPP
City: Washington, State: DC, Country: United States
The Marijuana Policy Project works to minimize the harm associated with marijuana -- both the consumption of marijuana, and the laws that are intended to prohibit such use. (08/28/02)

Online Books and Collections
How to grow medical marijuana
Source: Todd McCormick
Country: United States
The entire text of a helpful how-to guide. "The book the DEA wishes didn't exist." (1999)

A Question of Compassion -- An AIDS-Cancer Patient Explores Medical Marijuana
Source: Peter McWilliams
Country: United States
The last manuscript of libertarian hero Peter McWilliams. Left unfinished when he died on June 14, 2000, awaiting sentencing and forbidden from using the medical marijuana that he himself needed to stay alive. Adobe PDF. (2000)

Online Discussions and E-Mail Lists
Medical marijuana alerts
Source: Americans for Safe Access
Country: United States
You are invited to join this low-traffic emergency alert list to respond to DEA threats to medical marijuana patients and caregivers, and the voters that support them. Americans for Safe Access will alert you if and when raids or arrests occur to patients or dispensaries, and give information on where 'next-day' actions will occur.

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